Also known as: Banshee Quest
Reward: Boots of Haste, Giant Sword, Tower Shield, Stealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet and 100 Platinum Coins (10K)
Location: Isle of the Kings underground and Ghostland
Level required: 60
Level recommended: 70+
Be prepared to face: Demon Skeletons, Ghosts, Warlocks, 3 Giant Spiders and of course Banshees (through the seals). The final room involves 2 Dragon Lords, 2 Giant Spiders and 6 Banshees.

You have to complete 7 seals to get to the final room with the rewards. Do not enter the third floor on Isle of Kings or you will have to pay a certain amount of money. Teleporting out means you have to get on the isle using the pearl seal

Note: Enter the cave in Ghostlands, west of Carlin, and go to the final room, there are no missions on this quest.


  • Rope
  • Shovel

Last Seal: The Kiss of the Banshee QueenEdit

Go to The Queen Of The Banshee (it's close to seal #4), she is surrounded by 4 banshees, 2 mummies, 2 ghosts and 3 stalkers so be careful killing them (an UE'er would be nice).

500px-Banshee Queen Quest Way to Queen

500px-Banshee Queen Quest ue

Final Room:help meEdit

The final room is west of the Banshee Queen, you need to get there again all the way from the Ghostlands, it's also possible to go via the Isle of the Kings.

Once you went downstairs you can't go up again. The final room contains 6 Banshees, 2 Dragon Lords and 2 Giant Spiders, usually you have to lure them (depends on the situation). Kill everything, and grab your rewards.


Once you Leave the room (walked through the Magic Forcefield), you can't enter again. So be sure to grab all the rewards.

500px-Banshee Queen Quest Final Room

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